About Us

The BUG OFF Please! brand is developed to visually enable you to remind your fellow citizens to help each other by the awareness and importance of keeping a social distance... -in a firm, fun and friendly way.

Having experienced several incidents where people did not keep a reasonable social distance and actually crowding our family space and "safe zone" in the playgrounds and out in public in general, we have had to remind people about the weight of the situation and the recommended guidelines of social distancing in regards of the corona pandemic / COVID-19 virus.

Hopefully wearing the BUG OFF Please! clothing brand, with its very straight forward and no-nonsense message, will enable you to stay social while providing visual awareness to your surroundings before verbal schooling and potential misunderstandings becomes necessary.

Though the strong graphics and direct statements are primarily aimed at the people around you, they also serve as a collect statement against the virus itself.

It is our belief that when out in public, one should act like being potentially infected and protect others, or act like everybody else is infected and thus protecting one self.

This change of social behavior and world wide group effort is the only way to really flatten the infection curve, ensure global stability and eventually defeat the corona pandemic and COVID-19 virus.

We only stand a chance if we stand alone.., together.

Stay social and keep your distance!